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Nourishing the flow of life, of love and of inner leadership

About this community

Welcome to this growing community of individuals from around the world who are committed to life-long learning that supports flow in the self and in the wider relational systems we create and inhabit.

Hosted and curated by John Whittington (London, England) this community offers unique access to articles, reflections and workshops not available elsewhere.

Subjects explored include fresh understandings of the hidden dynamics in your relationship with food, with money and with your parents. Exploring every aspect of life, of intimate relationships and inner leadership regular reflections, articles and workshops are available that are designed to support you move into better relationship with the flow of love, your physical and energetic body and life itself. Articles explore the systemic patterns that can underly difficulties with sleep as well as how to manage a respectful ending of an intimate relationship. There are also opportunities to build an understanding of the dynamics behind affairs, addiction and suicide.

Short accessible descriptions of the underlying forces that influence human relationship systems, offer insight into the organising principles, the dynamics, deep patterns and entanglements that arise when these principles are ignored.  

You can also request topics you'd like to get a fresh perspective on. 

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